I read an article today about the government ordering massive amounts of food, MRE’s. These aren’t the military issue type meals but ones for civilians. Tens of thousands of dollars from one company, one hundred and forty million meals from another company and, yet, other stories of the government stocking up, the latest is a billion dollar order. Do I believe this? Yes. I have seen too many articles about this over the past five years not to believe it. But let’s look at the numbers and see if the government is really looking out for our best interest.
Guesstimating the government has stockpiled one billion meals and a nationwide catastrophe strikes, ummm let’s say our economy tanks or there is an EMP event from a solar storm or man-made bomb, one billion meals is not enough for all Americans to have Three meals! If the government was concerned about all of us they would be working to warehouse bulk foods and making arrangements for converting that to cafeteria styled meals in the event of an emergency. Out of all of the pictures that you have seen of relief efforts to disaster stricken areas, how many times did you see a prepackaged meal? None. They may be stocking up but is not for the masses ie. you and me. So, it is up to us to put away food for us and our families. What type of food do you ask? Any food is better than no food.
Don’t depend on the refrigerator and freezer. Be prepared to can or dry the food in the freezer, in case of long term power outages. You have just a few days before everything spoils, without electricity.
Dehydrated food lasts a long time is the best value for your money and, if purchased from a reliable source, will last upwards of twenty years. Check out
Canned food is a good alternative. Even though the expiration date reads “best used by” canned food does not go bad, as a rule. If the can shows signs of dents bulges etc. throw it out. Some good things about canned food is that it has its own water, is pre-cooked, you can go down to the grocery store and pick up as much as you want. Stay away from anything not canned or made in the U.S.
MRE’s are fine in a pinch but are not made for long term use. From my understanding they lack fiber and will plug you up.
Freeze dry foods are supposedly the best tasting but many have too much sodium for long term use and freeze dried foods are expensive.
It is always best to store what you eat on a normal basis. If you don’t like beans don’t store them.
You can add a few months of food to your home just by buying more of the things that you buy at the grocery store and rotating through your stock. For example if you eat peanut butter and you go though one jar every three months and the jars have an expiration date of one year from the time you shop then you could get four jars and the peanut butter would still be safe at the end of one year. During that year when you finish one jar of peanut butter you buy another and then you eat out of the next jar in line and put the newest jar in the back of the line thus rotating through your stock of peanut butter.
If you have a generator you can keep the food in the freezer and refrigerator cold. You could then look at buying meat in bulk, such as a ¼, ½ or a whole cow and freezing it.
Now would be a good time to stock up just like the government is doing.


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