Steel Shelters

Ultra Shield Shelters

Rated to Protect Against:

  • EMP
  • Flooding
  • Solar Flares
  • Earth Quakes
  • Armed Assault
  • Nuclear Fall Out
  • Winds in excess of 300 m.p.h.
  • Direct Neutron and Gamma Radiation
  • Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents
  • Surface Burst of a 50 Kilo-ton Nuclear Device at a Stand Off distance of Two Miles


  • Blast Protected Air Lock
  • 3 bar rated blast door
  • 3 bar rated Blast Hatch
  • NBC Filtration System
  • Blast and Overpressure Valves
  • Emergency Escape Way
  • Entry System with Ladder-way
  • Food Grade Epoxy Int. Coating
  • High Quality Waterproof Ext. Coating

Please contact us for pricing and information on our steel shelters.

Ed Lenhart

Colorado, U.S.A.

(970) 250-7025

Steel Survival Shelter

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