About Us

Hello, My name is Ed Lenhart and I am the owner of 2012 Shelters. I have been in construction for 42 years, worked all over the Country and have a Master’s degree in Construction Management. I have turned my attention to protective and hardened shelters to make available to people what has been unavailable before which are shelters that are affordable AND will protect against any natural or man-made event that is not world ending. I have, also, trained myself or been trained in multiple aspects of survival, defense, martial arts, gardening and food storage, solar, wind, steam and fuel powered electrical generation, hunting, fishing, and general survival.

The people behind 2012 Shelters are dedicated to helping people, not only survive, but thrive during hard times, whether it be a storm that knocks out power or the events of 2012. We are highly trained in Construction, Construction Management and the fields of field fortifications, security, ballistic designs and catastrophic event preparation and post event recovery.

We have dedicated this site, not only to shelter sales but to be a center for learning about the event scenarios of 2012 and how to survive them. In this site you will find links to information garnered from the Internet on the different events that we could or will be faced with along with information on shelter design and construction. I will, also, be posting articles on current events and other pertinent information. For those of you who want more in-depth information and a place to get all of your questions answered our membership side of our site is for you.

The membership side of our site is dedicated to giving all the information you need to make informed decisions about how to prepare, what you will need, where best to locate your shelter, safe areas of the Country and World and danger zones along with much more information on self-defense, hydroponics, etc.

I hope you find this site and the information what you have been looking for and that it gives you the answers that you need.